Teens under stress
A long-term project by Colorado Public Radio News. Digital and analog illustrations.
Yes, street harassment happens in Denver
A story about catcalling and harassment for Denverite. Cut paper photographed with an external flash.
Ten years of massive spending on Denver's police
A long look at police budgets in the wake of protests for reform and racial justice. Origami money photographed with an external flash.
Geek week!
A series of images for Denverite newsletters that ran the week of comic con.
Searchlight New Mexico
I've done a handful of featured illustrations for this investigative outlet, particularly for stories that have hard-to-photograph concepts but still need strong art.
Snakes on a Trail
Sometimes you just go all-out for a relatively inconsequential story.
These were for a long-form story about a toxic culture in Denver's street art scene and allegations that the founder of a large mural festival was abusive to women around him. There weren't many photo opps for this one, so I cut out stencils of key quotes and spray painted them (in chalk) to generate more imagery for the piece.
Who wants to be the mayor?
This was a quick sketch-up for a very long list of people who might run to become Denver's mayor in 2023.
Get carving!
Every year or so, I trot out a bunch of Denver-centric jack-o-lantern designs for Denverite's audience. I always carve one, just to show I'm not messing around here.