Data + Code

Here's where people move when they leave Denver

I crunched nine years of voter records to analyze movement patterns within Colorado, then cold-called a bunch of people to find out why they left the city. Most people simply couldn't afford to stay. Concerns about crime also made the suburbs more appealing to some.

A Denver HOA in Green Valley Ranch is threatening to foreclose on homes over aesthetics

My analysis of court documents shows HOAs citywide took residents to court more in 2021 than any other year in the last decade, and that one in Denver's far-northeast corner was a major driver of this increase.

Keeping an eye on Denver's "sweeps"

The city leans hard on forced cleanups of tent encampments, though people without permanent homes usually just move somewhere else. I crunched numbers to challenge Mayor Michael Hancock's claim that the city was not ramping up enforcement as COVID wound down.

Maps of toxic hazards show a wash of chemicals over Denver's edges

I mapped data derived from the EPA's Toxic Release Inventory to show how health risks radiate around the metro's industrial core.

Locked down during COVID, Denver heads for a record year in violent crime

Meanwhile, drug and traffic offenses hit record lows. I dove into the numbers.

Black Denverites are more likely to be ticketed and arrested than white people in many categories

Denver Police recently started tracking race in their crime statistics, so I dug in.

What is Denver's air quality right now?

This is generated by a program that scrapes EPA data every hour and compiles those numbers in a running spreadsheet. That sheet feeds a web embed that I built for display in Denverite stories and in our newsletter.

Learn more about these numbers.

What's the latest with COVID-19 cases in Denver?

This is generated by a program that scrapes state data every day and compiles the numbers in a spreadsheet, which feeds the graph. The graph lived in a web embed that was embedded on Denverite and in the newsletter – it became outdated when COVID case rates ceased to be relevant (in part due to at-home testing), so I stopped updating it. We still use the CDC transmission rating in our daily emails.